Getter Tools Basics

GetterTools is one of the most widely used external tools for Travian. It’s perfectly “legal”, and is a wonderful management tool.

Here is a very basic tutorial for players who never used it. In another post, I will tell you about advanced functions, like how to organize an attack.

Create an account

As a person, you have only one account, and you will use it for each server you play on. Creating an account is quite simple, the only advice I can give you : avoid to choose you in-game pseudo (because you can be on several server, and may be you do not want people of server A to know who you are on server B).

Once your account is created (sorry, no screen for that, my account has been created in 2009), you arrive on a generic screen :

Screen shot of gettertools initial page
Gettertools start-up screen

You can choose your language (for russian players ^^) and Log-in or click on create New Account. Once your account is created, you arrive on the settings page :

Screen shot of account parameters
Account parameters

here you can change your language for whatever you want, the timezone (believe me, leave on the same timezone as your server), etc… The “Change server”  on top lets you navigate between your different worlds.

Change server and set data for current server

How to change servers in getter
Server selection

(No I don’t play on so many servers at the same time. Most oh them are archives).

Once you select your new world, Gettertools needs to know who you are on the server :

Setting the server account on gettertools
Gettertools cannot do anything without your Travian account
Creating the account for the current server
Adding Travian account by entering your name

You just have to enter your name on the server (which is NOT your name on the lobby… can be the same, but Gettertools does not know the lobby), and click OK.

Enter your troops

You first have to go to the troops management. Use the top menu, click on trooptool and “My Troops”

Menu navigation in gettertools
Go to the troops through the menu

You arrive on this screen and you finally select troops on the left bar.

Screen shot of the troops management
Troop tools initial screen

You arrive on this screen, which should be empty, with just a list of the villages names (but not here, because I have to use an existing account) :

Screen shot of the troops overview
Troops overview in Gettertools

It’s now time to go to your Travian Account, select the account overview (three little bars on the right of your village list) and click on the troops tab :

Overview of troops in travian
Troops tab in the account overview

This is then very simple : select all (ctrl+A on PC, something on Mac), every text becomes blues, and then copy (Ctrl+C) :

Screenshot of travian
Select all and then just copy

Go back to Gettertools and paste it in the rectangle under “PLUS Troop Overview Parser” (that’s a good change in Travian Kingdoms : you don’t need the “Plus” Account to access the troop overview… think about doing that for each village in Legend…)

Screenshot of gettertools, pasting troops
Copy, paste and “parse” (and yes, this is an off account, and it has already won some bloody battles !)

Magical stuff, all your villages are filled with the troops that are produced in the village, wherever they are stationed. And only YOUR troops (no assistance, no nothing).

Edit the troops

There are two informations Gettertools cannot get, which you have to define manually. The type of village and the arena level. For that, you click on the pencil on the right of the line, and then on the dropdown list, where you select the type of village :

Screen shot of changing the village type
Defining the village type in Getter

It’s quite important for the “generals” : this information is used later on when they prepare attack or def plans. Also, when you have an overview of your village, some troops can be off or def (like the roman legio) and Gettertools assign the spies to the village type. You just have to do it once, Getter will not change it.

The Arena level is on the right :

Screenshot of Gettertools : changing the arena level
Selecting the arena level

Again that’s very, very important, once you have started to build the arena. This impact the troops speed, and it is taken into account when an attack plan is created. If your information is not up to date, you can simple totally mess up a synchronization !

And time to see how you rank :

Screen shot of the rankings
Ranking in the alliance

And that’s it ! Much quicker to do than to read… It should be done everyday on a speed, every two or three days on a normal speed server, and each time your troops are heavily modified !

I did not blur too much, so you can see some figures (the troops data) are replaced by question marks for “normal” members of the alliances, while the population is available for everyone.

Advanced features

Most of the advanced features are for the military chiefs. But there are two interesting ones available to everyone, and that will be explained in other articles :

Searching fridges

(I’m not sure this is the exact expression used on the international servers. On the french ones we call “fridges” these nice inactive players so easy to loot, as easy as opening a fridge to take a beer…)

Sreen of the fridge search
Look for fridges in Getter

Looking for def

This is an interesting tool, when you are attaked, you can look where you could ask for available defense in the ally :

Screen shot of the defense search tools
Searching for def


(NB : I blurred as much as possible information, and I used data from four different servers… when they are finished, I will put the real screenshots).


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